Pikes Peak Pebble Pups

Pikes Peak Pebble Pups

Thursday, May 17, 2012

CSMS Pebble Pup's Last Meeting Until September

Pebble Pups listening carefully to the evening's program
The CSMS Pebble Pups met for the last time this academic year on May 17, 2013. The pups and juniors worked with Celestron digital microscopes purchased by Betty Cain for the pups.  The pups needed the digital microscopes to image the rocks, gems, and minerals they were working with.  Betty Cain, a CSMS member, provided money from her personal funds to buy two of these microscopes.  She also provided 12 small microscopes with bright lights attached for the pups to use in the field.  THANKS Betty!!  Steven Veatch and Christopher Anthony, a Junior member from the Lake George Club, demonstrated the equipment.
Jack Shimon is showing his geode that he found.  Jack also provided each
Pebble Pup and me (Veatch) a very special fossil specimen that came from
his personal collection. A link to what the fossil is follows.

Jack Shimon provided each pebble pup a Porocystis, which looks like a ball with many small pores and a larger opening at one end.  These a quite unique and we are very grateful to Jack and his generosity.  He is an avid collector of all geological phenomena.  The following is a link to this fossil, and in the picture of fossils it can be seen next to the letter "K."Link to fossils Jack gave us, click here for more info!!

Steven Veatch, Pebble Pup Leader is in the front. On the left is Christopher Anthony and on the right is Charles Delarm. Both of these young men are junior members of the Lake George Gem and Mineral Club. They help Mr. Veatch at the Lake George Pebble Pup group and the CSMS Pebble Pup group.  Christopher and Charles also provide field trip support for both groups.

CSMS president Roger Pittman did a slide show on the operations of a tumbler and then showed how rock saws with diamond blades work.

CSMS President Roger Pittman demonstrated how the rock saw worked.  Geodes were used with the saw.  All of the geodes had amazing insides.

Pebble Pup Leader Steven Veatch provided tumbled pieces of rose quartz with a polished window on each piece so that the inside could be seen.

The CSMS Pebble Pups and the Lake George Gem and Mineral Club Pebble Pups work on various projects together and participate in field trips with the Boulder Pebble Pups and The Western Interior Paleontological Society's Fossil Kids.

The two groups work on research projects. Most of them are published in either newspapers or magazines. Some pebble pups include original artwork or photographs.  This summer there will be a special day of art instruction at the community center in Victor, Colorado.

Thursday's class was lots of fun as we said goodbye to each other.  We will all meet again many times this summer on field trips.

We have a mascot who comes to most of the Pebble Pup meetings.  His name is Comet.  He has a relaxing influence and keeps watch over all of the activities.

Thursday was Comet's birthday. He is four years old and is a true rock "hound." He really enjoys the monthly meetings and tries hard not to miss.

We are now planning next year's program which will resume in September, 2012. We have lots of surprises and activities waiting,

Next fall we will look at the scientific method, how to build good collections, and how to identify fossils. We will also plan a trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

The CSMS Pebble Pups thank the adult leaders for their work to train us and the junior members who mentor us and keep an eye on everything.  We will see everyone this summer in the field and in the fall at our meetings.  Keep checking   on this blog for new information and documentation of our adventures in Earth science.

Link to the fossils Jack gave us for more information. Click here!

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