Pikes Peak Pebble Pups

Pikes Peak Pebble Pups

Friday, April 26, 2013

Blake Reher, Earth Science Scholar, Poet, and Aspiring Paleontologist Writes Poem For National Poetry Month

Wasp of the Lake
In the early land of the Eocene, a wasp flew fast and graceful.
It was like a golden bullet speeding through the air. 

Miles away the earth began to shake and ash spewed out of a volcano.
The wasp’s last day by an ancient lake were filled with gasps for air.

As blankets of ash covered the lakebed; the air filled with volcanic gasses.
The ash suffocated the poor wasp and all the living things nearby. 

Thirty-four million years later the wasp was discovered by chance,
And over time the once graceful wasp was turned into a fossil

Between a layer of ancient shale a paleontologist reveals the wasp
Now the Florissant Fossil Beds are abuzz with the new discovery.


Wasp of the Lake Sketch © by Blake Reher.

Bio of poet: Blake has earned his black belt in Kempo Karate , and is active in Boy Scouts.  Blake’s real passion is paleontology and geology. He attends both Cheyenne Mountain Junior High and the HillSprings Learning Center.  Blake’s dyslexia does not dampen his goal of attending college and studying geology.  He is an active Junior Member in the Colorado Springs Mineralogical Society.  He volunteers in Science Fairs, and other outreach programs.  He has co-presented a program on Volcano’s with Steven Veatch, his mentor.  Blake has written several poems and articles that have been published in newsletters. He has several newspaper and magazine article in press. Although writing is a challenge for Blake he really likes the accomplishment of researching topics and completing papers. Blake does not give up, and that is an important quality in a scientist.

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