Pikes Peak Pebble Pups

Pikes Peak Pebble Pups

Friday, November 9, 2012

Science Friday: From the Distant Dawn of Dinosaurs

A Newly Discovered Dinosaur
Fossil From The Dawn Of Dinos
Eodromaeus murphi

Note: to start video go to the lower left hand area of the video rectangle. Look for the triangle on its side that points to the right. Now click on it just once. It turns into to bars, side-by-side and the music cranks and the action takes off.
Reporting in the journal Science, Paul Sereno, Ricardo Martinez and colleagues describe Eodromaeus murphi. This dinosaur was four feet long, fifteen pounds and lived 230 million-years-ago, just a few million years after dinosaurs first evolved. It looks similar to its contemporary Eoraptor, except for its long canine teeth, suggesting the newly-discovered dinosaur is an ancestor of the predatory dinosaurs, including T. rex.

Courtesy Science Friday


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